From July 22 to August 7, Yadah has been carrying on an event called, ‘My Sister’s Cosmetics’. To whom share the video and press the ‘Like’ button, we will provide our best selling products Anti-T set. The winners will be announced on August 8. Please follow the steps below for your engagement,

Step1) Visit Yadah official facebook and watch the video for ‘My Sister’s Cosmetics’.
Step2) Press the ‘Like’ button and share the image.
Step3) After sharing, post comments to tag your friends

The event is only on Yadah facebook and your active participation is strongly encouraged. Yadah Korea plans to release the serial video contents on Facebook and Instagram with viral and inform videos as part of our marketing promotion. We need your active participation on the event.


On July 18th, Yadah Taiwan aggressively promoted two of best products, ‘Yadah W-boosting foam cleanser’ and ‘White boosting toner’ on FTV ‘Shopping Master’ program. At the show, Wan Wei, a well-known make-up master in Taiwan and China, and a beautiful dermatology doctor made an informative appreance. They explained advantages of using foam cleanser and cream including 7 ingredients certified from Ecocert in those two products. Tremendous popularity by customers will make the continous exposure on the show soon. Please visit youtube now.


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Yadah Korea carries on an event for Summer season called ‘Summer Secret Box’. Those who purchase one of the two boxes, fairy box or beauty queen box, will be given about $100 worth of Yadah products including three special benefits, free shipping, gift packing and gifts. Quantities are limited and the boxes will be filled with best-selling items. Now we are getting flooded with orders after lots of reviews as posted in the photos at Yadah Korea official homepage.


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Yadah Hongkong started running a beauty course with one of the famous Beauty School, “Bonzer studio”. It is the only beauty school in collaboration with SBS Broadcasting Academy Beauty School in Hongkong. All the courses are corporated with SBS. Yadah Hongkong and Bonzer studio plans to run a new course “Yadah x Bonzer korea beauty course” (6-8 classes each month in Macau and Hong Kong, target OL). In the lesson, a make-up artist will use all Yadah product and promote our products to them. In the mean time, Bonzer Studio opened a booth in “Macau Play Hub Expo 2016” to promote their school last week. Yadah Hongkong supported several products and their models use our products. Yadah Hongkong plans to hold various promotion continuously. We greatly appreciate their effort and confident that many customers in Hongkong will get more chance to know Yadah through this event.


In 2016, Yadah started active online marketing promotion through SNS. Yadah uploaded videos for Anti-T line and Puregreen line in the previous week. The video portarys White Boosting line’s three natural ingredients and their effects as below.

1)Snow Fungus: Hyaluronic acid abundantly found in Snow fungus draws moisture to the skin and keeps the skin glowing.
2)Edelweiss Flower/Leaf: Edelweiss flower has white tone in its leaf and is a natural protector against external stress, keeping the skin pure and glowing.
3)Bisabolol: Bisabolol, obtained from Candeia tree, is a skin brightening agent. It dramatically reawakenes to its original bright and vibrant state.

As we mentioned before, Yadah made a new catch phrase ‘Be Your First Love YADAH’. We will keep promoting Yadah as pure, natural based cosmetic brand.