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Yadah Taiwan, who runs an advertisement regularly on the newspaper and magazine, posted 2 types of Yadah Ampoule on TOMOD’S. Especially, Yadah Taiwan is planning to broadcast Hi_ni video on the outside screen of department store next week and we expect toget a good response from customers.

Anti line is now on display for ‘BIO INDUSTRY EXPO OSONG KOREA’

Yadah Korea(Head office) has been displaying Anti line(Toner, Emulsion, Trouble spot and Trouble bubble cleanser) for BIO INDUSTRY EXPO OSONG KOREA in Cheongju(Chungcheongbuk-do Province) from Sep 26th. Our products are introduced as one of the Asia Best Export beauty brands in ‘Korea Export Cosmetic Promotion exhibition’. This expo is putting on display for 17days, and we expect to attract many customer’s attention.오송국제바이오산업엑스포