s__3522567Between July 22 to 24, YADAH Cambodia participated a promotion booth in Cosmetic Fair by a makeup artist at AEON Mall. AEON mall is one of the well-known and big shopping mall in Cambodia. As it was mentioned in our weekly newsletter earlier on January, YADAH Cambodia officially launched Yadah Brand in AEON mall on Jan 1st as well. Over 500 participants including the fans of Yadah paid a visit to the booth during the event. Furthermore, Yadah Cambodia opened a booth there for cosmetic exhibition several times and received enthusiastic responses from customers. Yadah Cambodia plans multiple promotions in order to attract customers at all ages and sex. Yadah Korea greatly appreciate their effort for this launch and look forward to customer’s feedback.



%ec%8a%a4%ed%81%ac%eb%a6%b0%ec%83%b7-2016-09-26-%ec%98%a4%ed%9b%84-6-30-11Opening a store at Lotte Youngplaza in Myeongdong and La Cosmetique in Busan, Yadah Korea have been getting great response from customers. In doing so, Lotte department offered us another chances to open additional stores and last Friday as of August 26th, Yadah Korea officially opened a store in Lotte department store in Ilsan, Korea. Ilsan New Town refers to a planned city and is located northwest of Seoul. The area has experienced phenomenal growth in the past 15 years, generally drawing in younger generations of upper middle-class and upper-class Koreans. On its first day of launching, great number of customers paid visits to the new store to see our products and receive free gifts for launching. We prepared three big events to celebrate grand opening of our 3rd store in Lotte department store. We expect to introduce our brand and products to more customers including foreign visitors.


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In 2016, Yadah Korea started active marketing promotion with B5M. B5M is one of the fastest growing cross-border e-commerce platforms for Chinese consumers and merchants. B5M has number of offices in Shanghai, Seoul, and Tokyo with a strong local management team in each country and offers the most comprehensive Korean and Japanese products through its own B2C platform “Banghaibei” and B2B platform “Bang5cai”. B5M’s first brand shop is officially launched on May 22nd, 2016 in Sinan Mansions, Shanghai. B5M’s Korean and Japanese culture shops and coffee house, in collaboration with TOM N TOMS provides B5M’s customers a pleasant leisure experience with drinks, foods, and trendy overseas products. Yadah entered in Sinan Mansions and the second brand shop in Donghua University, Shanghai as well. Customers can see Yadah products on display and buy the goods using QR code. We plan to hold various promotion continuously with B5M and are confident that many customers in Shanghai will get more chance to know Yadah through these locations.


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In 2016, Yadah Korea started active online marketing promotion through SNS. Yadah uploaded inform videos for our main products and the videos portrayed each line’s natural ingredients and their effects briefly. This time, Yadah Korea released how to videos on Facebook page, Youtube, and Instagram. We collaborate with CHES, a well-known beauty creator on Youtube. She would teach you how to use Yadah’s skin care and make-up line. Yadah Korea plans to release the serial video contents on Facebook and Instagram with viral and inform videos as part of our marketing promotion. We need your active participation on the event.



On August 6th, YADAH Hongkong launched ‘Make-up Class’ by a makeup artist,“Yoko Liu” in Prince Edward Branch of Angel Cosmetics, Hongkong. Angel Cosmetics is one of the leading cosmetic retail shops and established its first store in 1979. It carries a thousand of brands worldwide at an affordable price. Their product lines include skincare, make-up, hair products, beauty accessories and men’s cares. Over 50 participants including the fans of Yadah paid a visit to the class and, Alan, a famous Hongkong singer and a model for Yadah Hongkong visited and helped promot Yadah products. Welcoming remarks, the artist performed a demonstration on Alan’s face by showing make-up with Yadah products. The attendees were very satisfied  with this event and some winners were given Yadah products as a gift. In the mean time, Yadah Hongkong plans to hold various promotion continuously. We greatly appreciate their effort and confident that many customers in Hongkong will become aware of Yadah through this event.