As it was announced, YADAH MALAYSIA has entered into Watsons and now YADAH will be found in 81 different branches across the country. They held celebration events at two of the branches, Mild Valley and Sunway Pyramid. In order to create familiarity, the reviewer from the viral video they have been creating which attracted many viewers, have shown at the event and showed ardent effort. We appreciate the activities to broaden YADAH brand awareness and hope this chance to become an actual opportunity for other partners to achieve original goals, handling YADAH products.




Congratulation MALAYSIA! We have a great news today. YADAH MALAYSIA has entered into WATSONS. WATSONS is a drugstore with 4,500 stores in Asia, 11,400 stores around the world, distributed mostly in metropolitan area. MALAYSIA was not satisfied yet! They also prepared several events to capture customers’ attention and to celebrate the launch. Such as, personalized skincare consultation, early bird special and sale on particular items. Just to mention one of the promotions, Early bird special. They didn’t simply give away free samples to consumers, they designed an easy mission which is to find a staff with YADAH logo-printed t-shirt on and asked them to snap a selfie with them. It’s expected to increase the chances of consumers to upload a selfie and spread it on SNS as a souvenir which helps enhance the brand awareness. Thank you Malaysia and Congratulation!


In Malaysia, they launched their own gift pack, named ‘K-Beauty box’, composed of YADAH’s products, for promotion. The video (link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BU8l5WmhhWC/) shows not only packages but short demonstration of individual product to assist consumers. Since Korean wave is spreading all over the world, it was very clever and effective way for them to name the package ‘K-beauty Box’. In this case, not only consumers will be provided with chances to use different kinds of product and realize the value of YADAH, but also be adopted to the product easier through the video. We, YADAH is more than happy to deliver our gratitude for the fresh new ideas and hope to share our partners’ creativities.


YADAH Malaysia

Malaysia is loving Yadah’s  ‘Oh My Sun screen’! How do you plan to keep your prescious skin from this hot weather these days? Yadah is all prepared to stay with you throughout the summer. Yadah Malaysia is proud to introduce our ‘Oh My Sun screen’ product which is being advertised by SNS stars. To provide an experience first, before the actual purchase, Yadah Malaysia is providing 40,000pcs of Oh My Sun Screen samples when shopping through online. The method of using the product is shown in the picture as well as the softness of the product. We strongly encourage you to try out this exceptional lightweighted, non-sticky and non-oily product for your skin. Allow us to help adding a new value to your skin!



Recently, SNS marketing activities gets more popular among YADAH’s overseas markets. And YADAH Malaysia is one the best example of using SNS as a great marketing channel. As YADAH Malaysia informs us, Instagram is the most popular platform among their customers so they regularly post product images per concept through their Instagram channel.

Moreover, Yadah Malaysia collaborated with Kittie Yiyi who founded a womenswear label based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Kittie launched her first collection at KL Fashion Week 2014. With the huge response from the crowd, she had gain more confident in the industry. Now she continues ‘wow’ the audience with her collection (SS 2016) and now, Kittie Yiyi is finally selling online and ready to sell to all over the world. She also keeps promoting Yadah products with Yadah Malaysia.

We support their aggressive marketing with famous SNS stars. We welcome you to YADAH Malaysia’s Instagram and press ‘Love’ for them.

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