YADAH Malaysia have created a new video of “BUBBLE DEEP CLEANSER”

The video presents positive aspects of YADAH, are good quality and affordable, reasonable price

Not only emphasizes the aspects but also shows how and when to use the product

This will help the consumers to make their decisions based on their skin type, which will increase the satisfaction when the products used on the right consumers

Thank you Malaysia for continuous effort

Attached is the link to the video




Yadah Malaysia has uploaded new product description. Not with simple images but with a short video. There are so many ways for consumers to be in touch with a product and one of the best and fastest way is to upload it on SNS. Since a lot of consumers are expected to be in touch with the products indirectly, it’s important to promote a product as if they are presented at the store. There are thousands of products that creates difficulties for consumers to make their decisions. But what if we are able to contribute the whole concept and the reality of the product through SNS? Consumers will be more convinced and we will be able to earn more loyalty towards our products. We suggest our partners around the world to create a short video which emphasizes the most important aspect of each products. For example, to promote sunscreen products, it should show all the considerations that consumers have on the product. Such as white casting, stickiness and the texture. At the end of this short videos clearly shows that those considerations will not occur when using YADAH products

Thank you Malaysia for providing good examples

Links are attached below:


Today, we were able to show the display of YADAH products in Watson’s. It was a enough good news when Yadah Malaysia has informed us on the entrance into Watson’s in Malaysia but it became even more great news when the size of display is shown as the pictures. The important point is the fact that YADAH brand and products has been displayed in more than 80 Watson stores which is a huge opportunity for us to expand our brand awareness across Malaysia. As more consumers become familiar with the brand, more interests could be rise up on the surface. Also they have already prepared Chirstmas package online Thank you Malaysia for the effort and hope this will produce an actual outcome.


Today, we are more than glad to introduce YADAH Malaysia’s new gift package. As shown in the images, they have created their own package with our Anti T series. Some of us might think that it’s not the right season for such event but in winter, especially when our skin becomes dry, will make it easier for variety of skin trouble to be shown. Therefore, it’s a great idea to continuously appeal Anti T series. We suggest our partners to not only concentrate on the marketing the products but also consider a way to appeal to consumers through a package promotion with appropriate set of items


As it was announced, YADAH MALAYSIA has entered into Watsons and now YADAH will be found in 81 different branches across the country. They held celebration events at two of the branches, Mild Valley and Sunway Pyramid. In order to create familiarity, the reviewer from the viral video they have been creating which attracted many viewers, have shown at the event and showed ardent effort. We appreciate the activities to broaden YADAH brand awareness and hope this chance to become an actual opportunity for other partners to achieve original goals, handling YADAH products.