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YADAH OH MY SUN SCREEN, also known as YADAH OH MY SUN BLOCK has been chosen to be one of the bestsellers in Watsons Malaysia. It’s a great honor for all of us that one of YADAH products have been selected as the bestseller amongst many other brands.

Not only do we sincerely appreciate the passionate effort of our partners in Malaysia but are motivated to continuously research, develop and produce better and safer products for our customers.


We are pleased to inform, once again that YADAH MALAYSIA has created another video on “YADAH BRIGHTENING MASK PACK”. A lot of consumers are not familiar with the appropriate method to use sheet mask. The point of mask sheet is to contribute additional essence to the skin which will fulfill the loss of nutrition during the day.

In order to do so, when mask sheet is applied, it has to be left on for a recommended period of time (15min-20min) and most importantly light tap to absorb the essence is highly recommended

The link is as below :


As always YADAH Malaysia showed their efforts to promote YADAH product.

As much as promotion and efforts on commercial ad from all of our partners, are being appreciated, it is important to emphasize and present the needs of each individual product.

YADAH Malaysia began by pointing out the importance of a certain care method and added supplement explanation.

Consumers have rights to know the exact use and needs of a certain product and as a supplier, we should be obligated to inform in advance, before it’s questioned.

Thank you Malaysia!

The link is as below: