2018-02-02 11;55;03.PNGAs it was announced in the previous newsletter, starting on December 5th.2017, YADAH BEMY TINT has been broadcasted on the TV shopping program FTV in Taiwan.

This time FTV have been broadcasting YADAH BE MY CUSHION as well.

At the show, two female shopping hosts compare the quality and volume of other brand’s cushion and Yadah be my cushion tests and containers and formulations to give consumers a better understanding of the benefits of Yadah products. Please check the link below for details.

The shopping master itself also uploaded broadcast videos to YouTube and plans to advertise on Facebook and Google.

We look forward to the future of Taiwan.



As it was announced in the previous newsletter, starting on December 5th.2017, YADAH BE MY TINT has been broadcasted on a famous TV show called FTV (shopping program), not once but few times. Since the program is leaded by one of the famous makeup artist, it was able to attract many views from consumers interested in cosmetics. BE MY TINT is well known to be long lasting product that does not require several re-touches. Our TWIN ANGEL BB CREAM and W-BOOSTING LINE had been also broadcasted. After this broadcasting, not only helped the sales but also BE MY CUSHION is planned to be introduced next! This opportunity is very valuable to earn consumers’ loyalty towards the products


Today we will present YADAH in Tomod’s. Tomod’s is a drug chain from Japan and it is one of the largest drug store in Taiwan. YADAH has entered into 22 stores which is the result of YADAH Taiwan’s effort that we appreciate. They switch products from time to time, and since, as it has been announced, BE MY CUSHION has been broadcasted through Taiwan, they displayed the products to earn positive results. 대만1