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We were pleased to hear the great news today from TAIWAN. YADAH’s product “AUTO LIP CRAYON” is posted on YAHOO Taiwan. This video was taken by one of the famous youtube creator named Nana. The product being exposed on the main page of a well-known public website is expected to gain many attraction of various and variety of viewers which helps to obtain positive influence on our brand awareness. The captured image and the link to the video promoting “AUTO LIP CRAYON” are attached.




We have another great news from Taiwan. Yadah Taiwan has arranged the broadcasting promotion schedule through FTV, which is one of the famous TV channels in Taiwan. As entry items of Yadah products, BE MY TINT AND BE MY CUSHION are planned to be introduced in mid-November and at the end of November. The name of the show is called “Shopping Master” that recommends variety of beauty products with demonstration by famous make-up artist. It’s not the first time that YADAH Taiwan has entered into this TV show. Attached link below leads to the videos of YADAH products being advertised.


TAIWAN has uploaded a video promoting our LOVELY LIP TINT STICK which is a perfect product for winter. Unlike some of the countries in South- East Asia, most of us and consumers around the world will experience winter soon. LOVELY LIP TINT STICK, not only it’s a lipstick providing various coloration but also contains a moisturizing function which prevents your lips from the roughness . Moreover, it contains organic oil ingredient obtained ECOCERT certification that helps to keep moisture, removes dead skin cell to appear vivid lips.  https://www.facebook.com/Yadahcosmetic/videos/1305871222856814/


YADAH TAIWAN has found a fresh way for the promotion. The ‘Makeup Class’ will be held on November 1st with YADAH products and free gifts included. The name of the person hosting the event is Wan Wei, who is well known across the country. It is important to present the best quality of products to the consumers to earn their trust but it is also important to provide an education on the products. We are confident that once they become familiar with our products and the brand, it will be a lot easier for us and partners around the world to distribute the value of YADAH.



Yadah Taiwan aggressively promoted Yadah products on FTV ‘Shopping Master’ program as a part of regular marketing activitiy.

In 2017, Yadah Taiwan announced the first marketing activity which is FTV’s campus drama “My teacher’s name is XIAO HE” to attract young audience and FTV broadcasts the drama from Dec. 2016. FTV choose YADAH Twin angel BB cream to placement in the drama and had exposed in the end of Dec. 2016 and Jan. 02 2017. FTV online shop also exposed at the same time. Tremendous popularity by audience will make the continous exposure on the drama soon.