YADAH CAMBODIA is holding an event at AEON mall for two weeks. It started from July 10th. Since AEON mall is one of the largest shopping center in Japan, it’s a great opportunity for YADAH take one step closer to become a worldwide brand. As shown in the pictures,
taken by our local partner many of consumers are showing their interests in YADAH products. We have YADAH experts at the information desk to help consumers’ better understanding on the products. As we all know, in order to lock in consumers, right products should be
delivered to right consumers. Thank you Cambodia for effort on distributing the brand!


We have uploaded a video of two guys solving quiz on cosmetics. Two guys are competing during the quiz and whoever answers first, get a chance to put on a make up on the other one. As we can expect, men are not familiar with cosmetics as much as women. So neither one of them has clean face after the quiz. The reason we have uploaded this video is to emphasize the new potential market which is men’s cosmetics. The interests of men in cosmetics are growing gradually, especially in coverage cosmetics. I hope our partners refer to the video and share the consideration on men’ product.


We have launched summer package! As Korea is moving toward vacation season, worries on make up near beach is taken care of. We selected items to enrich summer vacation. SUN SLUSH (SPF 50+) for outdoor activities, QUICK DRY EYEBROW TATOO for consumers’ worries on its disappearance and BE MY TINT to create a point without make up. Partners all over the world is working hard to represent YADAH, we YADAH KOREA will always be there to support! Let’s keep the beauty during summer.


In Malaysia, they launched their own gift pack, named ‘K-Beauty box’, composed of YADAH’s products, for promotion. The video (link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BU8l5WmhhWC/) shows not only packages but short demonstration of individual product to assist consumers. Since Korean wave is spreading all over the world, it was very clever and effective way for them to name the package ‘K-beauty Box’. In this case, not only consumers will be provided with chances to use different kinds of product and realize the value of YADAH, but also be adopted to the product easier through the video. We, YADAH is more than happy to deliver our gratitude for the fresh new ideas and hope to share our partners’ creativities.