There are many ways to promote a product. Most common method is to have sales promotion. Today, YADAH Korea is proudly introduce another method to attract consumers’ attraction which leads to brand awareness development. We are promoting an event that induces consumers to provide their own personal stories with YADAH. And we provide a certain free product to selected story teller. Posting their stories and earning a free product will be the main purpose for them. However, the important point of this event is, at least it attracted consumers’ attention and gave them a opportunity to know the brand which increases the chances of re-purchase. Many of YADAH consumers have shared their stories. We hope this event could be another good memory for them towards YADAH. The link to this event in Korean is as below:

http://www.yadah.co.kr/board/board.html?code=yadah_image5&type=v&num1=999936&num 2=00000&lock=N 2017_0102_너의_인생템은_MAIN.jpgs1.JPG


We have a great news today! YADAH KOREA plans to launch a new product. It’s a sun screen product with SPF 50+ / PA++++. Not only it provides oil control that gives hydrated skin, but also naturally adjust the tone to present bright skin. As YADAH always try to develop a competitive product, this one is also a tri-functional product including sun protection, brightening, and wrinkle development. The name of this product is “YADAH OH MY SUN PROTETION TONE UP BASE 50ml”. The estimated launch period is February but we will make an announcement when it’s certain. We are also preparing to launch another sun block products which covers face and body. The name of this product will be “YADAH OH MY SUN PROTECTION MILK” in 100ml and 50ml container. Thank you and hope this product will be another part of thriving business.

The draft design is as attached


It’s been a while since there are holidays within the beginning of the year! We came back with a great reference that might attract your interests. As it was mentioned before, about cooperating with influencers around the world, we were able to receive a great video from one of them. Not only she shows the demonstration of the products, but also provides a link that leads to our official website which provides an opportunity for viewers to make decisions on the purchase. This is very important because even with the most perfect product in the world can be worthless if consumers even have to bother looking for it. I have attached a link for your reference



As it was announced in the previous newsletter, starting on December 5th.2017, YADAH BE MY TINT has been broadcasted on a famous TV show called FTV (shopping program), not once but few times. Since the program is leaded by one of the famous makeup artist, it was able to attract many views from consumers interested in cosmetics. BE MY TINT is well known to be long lasting product that does not require several re-touches. Our TWIN ANGEL BB CREAM and W-BOOSTING LINE had been also broadcasted. After this broadcasting, not only helped the sales but also BE MY CUSHION is planned to be introduced next! This opportunity is very valuable to earn consumers’ loyalty towards the products