YADAH is spreading its wings in USA! YADAH will distribute approximately 100,000 ‘Silky Fit Concealer BB’ to consumers in U.S. This is an event to provide new experience through new brand. This event will be in progress through one of the largest social media company with 10million viewers and 4million subscribers. Fortunately, YADAH was contracted to supply several hundred thousands of ‘Silky Fit Concealer BB’ for consumers in US. As you can see from the images, the color and design were luxuriously changed but the composition of BB cream remained as before. Through this opportunity, YADAH will be introduced to more consumers than ever!


As much as we want our partners to experience the difference through our products, we have produced a viral video of a university student, explaining the most effective way to use Anti-T toner during summer. In addition, we have launched an event which is to send our package item called ‘5 skin set’, to selected customers participated in spelling bee contest.



As we announced, we are producing viral videos with various models to promote our brand. On June 15, we have released an event called, ‘Anti-T Mask Pack Event’. After watching the video, we will provied Anti-T mask pack to customers who watching the video and purchasing Anti-T set through our website. Please expect to see our next movie!


Yadah participated in ‘Cosmo Beaute Myanmar 2017’. Cosmo Beauty Myanmar 2017 was held from June 8 to 10 at Myanmar Convention Centre in Yangon hosted by ECMI, the organizer of  Southeast Asia’s leading exhibition. The show is Myanmar’s only one cosmetics fair held from 2014 in line with the Myanmar cosmetics market, which has unlimited growth potential. In addition to buyers’ consultation, it also provides stage demonstrations, seminars and spa forums. It has attracted a great deal of interest and popularity among the related industry workers. We hosted various events for buyers and customers at the fair and sold all the products up to 50% special price and gave newly launched. Jelly mask pack as a gift visitors who taking a picture of Yadah booth and uploading it to SNS with hash tag. For customers who have joined, we are also offering a free samples of Yadah products. Yadah will use the fair as a venue for brand communication while promoting the brand to domestic and foreign buyers and visitors who have found the fair and actively promoting the excellence of the product. Meanwhile, we plan to participate in ‘ASD LAS VEGAS 2017’ and ‘KCON LA’ in July and August to promote brand and attract new buyers.

YADAH’s move in Cambodia

Yadah Cambodia is unstoppable! Yadah is entering into major retail stores. Currently, has entered into over 20 stores such as pharmacy, TELA mart, AEON mall and other stores and is in a process of expanding its sales range. We have visited Yadah offices and stores in Cambodia during 3days stay (June 4th to June 6th) to support them. We have shared marketing strategies, information on new and renewed products, also have discussed future business plan. Moreover, request of marketing materials (SNS videos) from Yadah Cambodia should be delivered within this week as we always try our best to be trustworthy supporter of partners! It was a valuable chance for us to share the different strategies in the market and understand the global market tendency. We are looking forward to the sales event at AEON shopping center for two weeks starting early July! MOLLI3 is an exclusive cosmetic multi-shop providing variety of cosmetic products from different brands. As Yadah Cambodia is growing fast in the market, we were lucky to enter. Many consumers visit Molli3 multi-shop to choose products that best satisfy them, and we are confident that entering into Molli3 makes us one step closer to distributing the outstanding quality to consumers in Cambodia!