Renewed High Lash Mascara


Recently, the renewed High lash mascara is hot on Instragram in Korea. Lots of customers using our mascara have been posting reviews & pictures about the mascara on their Instagram. Accordingly, the sales of mascara has been increasing consistently . It has charming design and package with cute Yadah face. Moreover, it instantly lengthens and curls to enlarge the appearance of the eyes all day without smudge. It is suitable for even sensitive eyes with no harmful ingredients(talc, artificial fragrance, artificial colorant) and washable. We are very expecting our next renewed products according to the explosive response from Yadah customers about the renewed High lash mascara.

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YADAH with Hongkong singer ALAN

스크린샷 2015-11-20 15.59.28YADAH Korea participated in Cosmoprof Asia 2015 from Nov 11 to 13 and successfully finished it. At the exhibition, various people were our booth and especially, the Hongkong singer ALAN visited our booth and supported us. Furthermore, he has been promoting our brand and products through his facebook. He has posted some pictures with our staffs and is also holding Yadah soothing mask pack in other pictures and introduce it on his facebook.
We are really appreciating his efforts for Yadah and expecting his next step with us!

YADAH in Hongkong Cosmoprof Asia 2015


YADAH Korea participated in Cosmoprof Asia 2015 from Nov 11 to 13. Hongkong Comoprof Asia 2015 took place at Hongkong convention & exhibition center and it is the most prestigious and trendsetting beauty event in Asia that offers unique business chances in the entire region. This year, total 2,168 exhibitors from 43 countries and regions were there and about 60,000 visitors had been the exibition. We’ve been the exibition since 2011 and drew more overseas attention during the event. We met and had a business talk with lots of people in the cosmetics field for expending our overseas market. In addition, the Hongkong singer Alan visited our booth and took pictures.
We will keep letting overseas customers know the value and excellence of our products to raise Korean cosmetics status through attending the international exhibition.

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While overseas department from YADAH Korea attend Hongkong Cosmoprof Asia 2015, our marketing team in Korea uploaded our progress in the exhibition in real time through official facebook and instagram account for home consumers.

According to YADAH’s participation in Hongkong Cosmoprof Asia 2015 and the strong support from our customers, the mass media shows interests in YADAH and write articles about YADAH’s step in the exhibition. The media introduced our export activities such as our overseas marketing strategy in Hongkong with singer Alan. We believe that it will be a good chance for raising our brand awareness by Hongkong Cosmoprof Asia 2015.



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YADAH Japan have officailly lauched our brand and products last month in few hundreds stores, Japan. Accordingly, YADAH Japan have opened their official homepage, which was designed and finished by Yadah Japan. We are very appreciating all of their efforts to introduce our brand and products sucessfully and expecting to see their aggressive marketing activities soon.
Please visit below their lovely homepage!



Recently, SNS marketing activities are getting popular among YADAH’s overseas markets and YADAH Malaysia is a typical example of using SNS as a great marketing tool. As YADAH Malaysia informed us, Instagram is the most popular platform among their customers so they regularly post product images per concept through their Instagram. Moreover, recently they hired a famous photographers to create visuals only for Instagram account and that is why the quality of images is the best. One of their aims is to build YADAH Malaysia’s Instagram account to reach 50k followers in the next 6 months.
We are supporting their aggressive marketing with SNS, please visit YADAH Malaysia’s Instagram and press ‘Love’ for them.

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