Finally our partner in Thailand has officially launched YADAH! “Piglet”, a famous young celebrity in Thailand who is also Yadah’s official model, looks adorable!!!

As you can see, YADAH is everywhere, starting from Suvarnabhumi International Airport and the streets of Bangkok! Well done Team Thailand!


We, YADAH, would like to express our gratitude for providing fresh promotion method.

They have developed a pen with YADAH character on as a promotional product.

As we all are aware, we do have a little red-hair character as our logo

Quality and the price is a fundamental and main key point of a product for consumers to compare with others and make decisions. However, it’s also highly important to consider how to assist consumers to recognize our brand.

There are thousands of familiar products that consumers may not remember which proves that methods to approach and capture their attraction are highly important

As it’s shown in the images, it will increase the chances for consumers’ to remember the brand, YADAH by remembering this pen with our character on.

This product will be available for order

Please contact at :


for further assistance


11148731_843428755705274_4565323490726803107_nYADAH Thailand made a comparison between YADAH auto lip crayon and MAC lipstick on their facebook. YADAH auto lip crayon get abreast of MAC lipstick in terms of coloring. In addition, its main ingredients, avocado oil and macadamia seed oil moisturizing and soothing lips, are emphasized. YADAH auto lip crayon having rich color with a soft-matte finish and no paraben has total 7 colors, 01 Dazzling Red 02 Tangerine Orange, 03 Pink Holic, 04Rose Coral, 05 Cotton Candy, 06 Plum Burgundy, 07 Rose Beige.



On May 22th, finally YADAH had released new mask pack series. The mask pack series are made of 100% cotton for sensitive skin and the amount is surprisingly 25g which is same as normal product’s. There are 5 types; Vitalizing/Collagen/Moisturizing/Soothing/Brightening. If you put 5 types in order, you can see that our character, Yadah, shows you on how to apply it.
To celebrate product launching, YADAH has been holding a limited event for customers buying all of 5 types or 1box (12pcs) at the special price with free shipping.
Please visit our official homepage now and order now!