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On 13th of August, YADAH have launched second offline store in Sejong Metropolitan Autonomous City. Sejong city located in Chungcheongnam-do province has been becoming new central city with government building and federal agencies. We are looking forward to the next step of our second offical store in Sejong city having lots of schools and young people.
Please visit our official Facebook to see a very charming decorated YADAH shop in Sejong city.

YADAH with Idols

세나지유Korean rising idol girl group A-DAILY, who was debuted in 2014, is cheering for YADAH.
In the image, Left one is Sena and right one is Jiyou and this year Sena and Jiyou shooted a short film titled ‘The Man on the Steel’ and were invited to 68th Cannes Film Festival for ‘Short Film Conner’. The two girls in the picture, they said they love YADAH Anti Trouble Bubble Cleanser. We are very apprecitating for their suppot!


11717280_733917503385525_9052238852685231560_o 11866203_855967824488249_7041230509492635948_n deb8b55e0d5d90ff747f8ebdb3169a9bYADAH TAIWAN have been arranging various promotion with a stylish master, Van Wei.
His activities with our products are very aggressive through his own Line TV which is broadcasted every Friday in Taiwan and China. Since he introduced our products in details thoruogh TV shows, YADAH Twin angel BB cream and Air powder pact are selling very well.
We are very expecting YADAH TAIWAN and Van Wei’s next step!





As we announced last week, YADAH have launched at Lotte Young Plaza in Seoul’s cosmetic mecca Myeongdong. To attract more customer’s attention, last Thursday(August 13th), we had updated our display. Through this opportunity, we are planning to expand our off-line stores more and more.
Please click the below link to see our brand new shop images and check various events!

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August 4th 2015, Seoul’s cosmetic Mecca Myeongdong, natural cosmetic brand YADAH is taking a space in trend leading LOTTE Department Store Young Plaza. Thanks to all the support from our customers, we are now able to meet offline as well in much closer distance. All of our staffs are prepared to open with deep expectations and excitement. As our first official store, where our customers can enjoy YADAH and have amazing shopping experience, our staffs will provide the fullest care. Also we have variety of commemorative events prepared on the spot so we are hoping to meet a lot of our dear customers in LOTTE DEPARTMENT STORE YOUNG PLAZA in MYEONGDONG. Please look forward to next week’s weekly newsletter for our store footage!