It is a real review of an international student studying perfume in France. During studying in France, she had a great deal of acne on her face because of the changed food and water. While she was depressed due to sudden skin changes, she received a gift from Yada Anti-t line from her friend in Korea. She used Anti-t bubble cleanser every day and applied a lot of Red Zero Spot Cream to the acne areas. After a month of use, her skin has changed. Meet her through the video! With hot support from customers, we are also very expecting our next SNS vedio!


Two renewed Yadah ampoules that were scheduled to be renovated have finally been released at home and abroad. The released ampoules have come back to consumers with improved ingredients and sophisticated design. In the case of brightening ampoules, it is a fine nanoliposome system that absorbs vitamins deep into the skin, giving a concentrated effect on skin tone changes. In addition, three tips for use for radiant skin have been introduced to help consumers easily understand.Meanwhile the collagen ampoule containing 15mg of deep-sea marine collagen is rich in nutrients enriched to the skin by four patented ingredients. Collagen is a linking protein that makes up 70% of the dermis in your skin. It keeps and maintains the elasticity and moisture of the skin. Yadah will continue to develop products and designs to meet consumer needs. Please expect Yadah to continue to develop in the future.

YADAH Malaysia

Malaysia is loving Yadah’s  ‘Oh My Sun screen’! How do you plan to keep your prescious skin from this hot weather these days? Yadah is all prepared to stay with you throughout the summer. Yadah Malaysia is proud to introduce our ‘Oh My Sun screen’ product which is being advertised by SNS stars. To provide an experience first, before the actual purchase, Yadah Malaysia is providing 40,000pcs of Oh My Sun Screen samples when shopping through online. The method of using the product is shown in the picture as well as the softness of the product. We strongly encourage you to try out this exceptional lightweighted, non-sticky and non-oily product for your skin. Allow us to help adding a new value to your skin!

Yadah is meeting 6th anniversaty

We would like to deliver our gratitude for being a valuable partner with Yadah!We are celebrating our 6th annivery and promoting an event to thank you for loving “Yadah” for the past 6 years. Yadah is providing an ‘eco-bag’ for free to whom purchasing a certain amount of products.  The reason we chose an ‘Eco-Bag’ as a special gift is because of the fact that the main reason for this product’s existence is to be eco friendly, which is our moto as a cosmetics company. Also Yadah is strongly encouraged to deliver this gift internationally. Yadah hopes, by providing this “promotional gift” will help us to keep and build a stronger relationship with consumers! We wish you our best to be happy and accomplish your goals with a confidence with being part of “Yadah”.6주년


Yadah Japan started the advertisement on train straps in a woman-only vehicle of KEIO Line (in Tokyo) for 1 year from April 27. As you can see from the pictures, the face and silhouette of Yadah character hang on every train handle. Yadah Japan aims at strengthening YADAH brand and product awareness and extending the promotion program. They also expect to increase an access frequency to their official home page which leads to the e-commerce malls and cosmetic shops.

We are very excited to see their next step!