스크린샷 2016-08-25 오후 4.48.32

Yadah Hongkong started running a beauty course with one of the famous Beauty School, “Bonzer studio”. It is the only beauty school in collaboration with SBS Broadcasting Academy Beauty School in Hongkong. All the courses are corporated with SBS. Yadah Hongkong and Bonzer studio plans to run a new course “Yadah x Bonzer korea beauty course” (6-8 classes each month in Macau and Hong Kong, target OL). In the lesson, a make-up artist will use all Yadah product and promote our products to them. In the mean time, Bonzer Studio opened a booth in “Macau Play Hub Expo 2016” to promote their school last week. Yadah Hongkong supported several products and their models use our products. Yadah Hongkong plans to hold various promotion continuously. We greatly appreciate their effort and confident that many customers in Hongkong will get more chance to know Yadah through this event.

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