YADAH in Philippines!

YADAH has arrived in Philippines! As YADAH is being loved overseas, it was another great chance for YADAH to distribute the value of our products. For 3 days YADAH had an opportunity to show the products and provide trials to consumers mostly from South-East Asia. Reaction towards the products was amazing! YADAH will not stop until we earn world wide trust! philbeauty




2015-12-16 11;30;33YADAH Philippines have drawn enthusiastic reactions from customers through their SNS activities. Consequently, YADAH Philippines’ s posting about YADAH products is getting increased on their official Facebook and Instagram. We appreciate their continous effort and also expect improvement brand awareness.


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Bloggers event by YADAH Philippines



YADAH Philippines had launched a blogger event in vanilla cupcake bakery on June 18th. The interiors and aura of the venue was very suitable to YADAH as you see the photos. Many power bloggers and press from magazines were invited. Host had given welcoming remarks and talked about the brand and history of YADAH. Video about the brand had shown for further brand awareness.
The program of the event is as below;
– Welcoming of bloggers/press to the venue
– Demonstration on model showing the bloggers and press a day and night routine for YADAH
– Time for trying YADAH products
– DIY and decorate cupcakes and cookies using themes from Yadah
– Q&A time with Yadah representatives and brand manager
– Press gifts are distributed
The bloggers and press were very satisfied with this event. YADAH Philippines have been holding promotion continuously in June. Accordingly, in June, YADAH’s photo visuals will be displayed at 15 YADAH stores in Philippines. We are very appreciating their effort on this event and sure that many customers in Philippines will become aware of YADAH through this event.


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On May 22th, finally YADAH had released new mask pack series. The mask pack series are made of 100% cotton for sensitive skin and the amount is surprisingly 25g which is same as normal product’s. There are 5 types; Vitalizing/Collagen/Moisturizing/Soothing/Brightening. If you put 5 types in order, you can see that our character, Yadah, shows you on how to apply it.
To celebrate product launching, YADAH has been holding a limited event for customers buying all of 5 types or 1box (12pcs) at the special price with free shipping.
Please visit our official homepage now and order now!




YADAH has been promotting various events abroad and last week YADAH CAMBODIA arranged special promotion for Mother’s Day. During the event, customers can receive free Travel Kit with purchasing YADAH Angel Lip Tint and Lip Tint Balm. In addition, YADAH THAILAND has posted correct direction of Auto Gel Liner and Pure Green Line in details on their official facebook. Please refer to this useful information and be beautiful with YADAH!