YADAH Mongolia has uploaded a new video. The model in this video demonstrates various Yadah products and show how to express different looks with each products. Teenagers, growing up to be a woman, will be able to adopt the correct methods of makeup through this video. YADAH Korea strongly suggests our sincere partners to create videos showing demonstrations as one of marketing videos. There are thousands of cosmetic products which confuse consumers during their decision making. Not because of the price or the design and such but mainly because of they are not certain which product suits best for them. Therefore, such exposure of a video with demonstration and explanation of a certain product and model’s skin type will make their purchasing activity a lot easier as well as building up the brand awareness. Thank you YADAH Mongolia, we appreciate your work. The link to this video is right below, for your reference.  https://www.facebook.com/hankookcosmeticsmongolia/videos/1972577802968109/



We have a great and exciting news today. One of our best product lines, Anti-T line is about to extend, “ANTI-T RED ZERO CONCEALER” with a color of light beige, light texture of cream type concealer glides on effortlessly and instantly corrects the most common skin imperfections, inspired by special patented blend of Multi EX BSASM Plus™ for flawless care. The design of the container is similar to that of Anti-t red zero spot cream which also has the applicator to prevent consumers from touching the skin directly with hands when apply. Since the main purpose of the Anti-T line is for trouble care, so this product was also developed to target at both line of Anti-T and a makeup line together.레드제로 컨실러.png


YADAH’s package design of Anti-T mask has been renewed! On the renewed package, it highlights ingredients, testing results and functional formulas. Instead of the logo and the test results in words, it will be much convenient for consumers to understand the product and feel safer when it’s applied. On back of the renewed package, we have deleted ‘how to use’ in images since cosmetic consumers are well aware of the instruction on how mask sheets are used. Instead, to satisfy consumers, we have included images of the main natural ingredients.

We expect this changes will help consumers to understand the product better and by introducing the actual contained ingredients, we will earn consumers’ trust on the products. 스크린샷 2017-08-22 오후 1.45.54.png


YADAH MALAYSIA has created a demonstration video on “QUICK DRY LIQUID EYELINER”.

Cosmetic consumers these days, are having difficulties choosing the “RIGHT” product. There are too many cosmetic products and it’s impossible to try all of them to find the best product for one’s need. Therefore in order to gain consumers’ trust and provide them with the same experience of before and after, it’s important to provide demonstration of the product. How dissatisfy a consumer would be if the product does not meet the expectation? What we suggest is to make a demonstration video of BE MY TINT and sunscreen products, focusing on long lasting and no white casting.

REFERENCE: https://www.instagram.com/yadahmy/


YADAH Korea created a viral video of JELLY PACK SERIES. A lot of people are going on a vacation which means that the length of time being exposed to UV has increased. During the video one of the sales associate from YADAH KOREA visits a family (older sister and brother) on a vacation and explains why JELLY PACK should be applied after being exposed to UV light. The brother, who has no idea what it is, doubts its quality when it’s introduced. However he becomes quiet and calm after his sister forcedly apply it to his face. It’s really important to introduce the quality of the product through explanation of what it’s containing. Since cosmetics are applied to the skin directly, it will be possible for us to earn consumers’ trust by mentioning our ingredients.