According to release of the new Brightening cream, now we have 3types of cream. We have posted on Yadah official web site about [How to choose 3types of yadah cream for each skin type] at the request of Yadah overseas markets.



Type1. Gel type

It is translucent cream and composed of water excluding excess oils.

[Vita-Whitening Aqua Gel]
whitening ★★★★☆
It is for oily to combination skin and has strong whitening effect certified by KFDA. Rosa Canina Fruit Extract enriched with Vitamin promotes elasticity up, smoothes and softens the complexion.


Type2. Cream type

It is viscous and opaque cream with hydrating effect.

[Puregreen Moisturizing Cream]
moisturizing ★★★★☆
freshness ★★★★★
It is for normal to dry skin and has strong moisturizing effect by Royal Jelly Extract and Opuntia Humifusa Flower/Stem Extract.


화이트부스팅 [White Boosting Cream]
moisturizing ★★★★★
freshness ★★★☆☆
whitening ★★★★★
It is for dry skin and powerful whitening functional product approved by KFDA.
Highly effective macadamia-oil intensively corrects uneven skin and instantly hydrates skin.




We have launched [YADAH TV] to share concerns of Yadah customers having skin trouble. Every month we will pick 30 participants who will have special experience with us and be given Yadah products which is a solution for trouble skin. The event will last from Jan 7 to 19. The attending steps are as below;

1) Please leave a comment telling us about your skin problem.
2) 30 people will be picked as a winner.
3) The winners will be given various events from Yadah in Jan.
4) The winners can see video on Yadah TV after their interview.
Yadah’s event in Jan is visiting club near Hongik Univ. Station, one of Korea’s cultural meccas. The winners will go to Live hall in the club and enjoy the music of indie band there.


Start pre-order for New Products

all_day 틴트쿠션

Today(Jan 11th) we have began pre-selling Yadah’s new products of ALL DAY SERIESE including air cushion and lip tint on our official website. Launching new products in collaboration with Sonyunara is our first project in 2016. Sonyunara is one of the well-known and hot online shopping sites among young generation in Korea. Accordingly, We will launch the new products of ALL DAY SERIESE on Jan 15th and send samples on/before Jan 20th for your reference. Hotly-anticipated All Day Seriese has been receiving enthusiastic responses from customers even before the launch. We are highly expecting sales increase through release the new products. If you have any marketing activities such as collaboration, please let us know. We will support the promotion as best we can.

all_day_cushion_1_main all_day_tint_1_main


2016 0106 안티메인컷Yadah Cambodia have officially launched Yadah Brand in AEON mall on Jan 1st as we mentioned their plan in Oct, 2015. AEON mall is one of the well-known and big shopping mall in Cambodia. Previously, Yadah Cambodia had opened a booth there for cosmetic exhibition several times and got enthusiastic responses from customers. We really appreciate their effort for this launch and look forward to customer’s feedback. See the details at AEON mall through the link below.!/YadahCambodia/photos/pcb.953340384755436/953339808088827/?type=3&theater

Instagram reviews for White boosting line


Recently, the newly lauched Brightening line, WHITE BOOSTING, is hot on Instragram in Korea. Lots of customers using our white boosting line have been posting reviews & pictures about it on their Instagram.
Accordingly, the sales of white boosting line, especially white boosting cream, has been increasing consistently. It has natural ingredients and whitening effect certified by KFDA with charming design and package. Moreover, it is containing Candeia extract Bisabolol works facilitate skin brighter and helps diminish the appearance of skin irregularities. We are very expecting our next new products according to the explosive response from Yadah customers about the white boosting line.