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2015_YADAH_FIRST_AWARDJune 24th~30th, 2015, YADAH have been holding a event called 2015 first half award. The purpose of the event is that providing best seller itmes in the first half of the year to customers at a reduced price. Also we aim to arouse customers’ interest.
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Bloggers event by YADAH Philippines



YADAH Philippines had launched a blogger event in vanilla cupcake bakery on June 18th. The interiors and aura of the venue was very suitable to YADAH as you see the photos. Many power bloggers and press from magazines were invited. Host had given welcoming remarks and talked about the brand and history of YADAH. Video about the brand had shown for further brand awareness.
The program of the event is as below;
– Welcoming of bloggers/press to the venue
– Demonstration on model showing the bloggers and press a day and night routine for YADAH
– Time for trying YADAH products
– DIY and decorate cupcakes and cookies using themes from Yadah
– Q&A time with Yadah representatives and brand manager
– Press gifts are distributed
The bloggers and press were very satisfied with this event. YADAH Philippines have been holding promotion continuously in June. Accordingly, in June, YADAH’s photo visuals will be displayed at 15 YADAH stores in Philippines. We are very appreciating their effort on this event and sure that many customers in Philippines will become aware of YADAH through this event.


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YADAH Malaysia have been holding Hermo’s 3rd anniversary sales on their official homepage. Also, they have plan to create more leaflets about our key ingredient Opuntia ficus-indica extract for branding and gain more awareness. As we introduced last March in YADAH weekly newsletter, the opuntia ficus-indica extract is a natural extract is known for strong anti-inflammatory and high potent antioxidant properties controling excessive sebum secretions, improve skin environments, and soothe the troubled area. We expect to keep receiving customer’s positive response on this aggresive marketing.


11148731_843428755705274_4565323490726803107_nYADAH Thailand made a comparison between YADAH auto lip crayon and MAC lipstick on their facebook. YADAH auto lip crayon get abreast of MAC lipstick in terms of coloring. In addition, its main ingredients, avocado oil and macadamia seed oil moisturizing and soothing lips, are emphasized. YADAH auto lip crayon having rich color with a soft-matte finish and no paraben has total 7 colors, 01 Dazzling Red 02 Tangerine Orange, 03 Pink Holic, 04Rose Coral, 05 Cotton Candy, 06 Plum Burgundy, 07 Rose Beige.