We have another great news from Myanmar. They have participated in a gift box promotion called “Bonny Box”, with our Jelly pack. As it was announced YADAH Myanmar was recently launched which means they are at the beginning stage of increasing brand awareness and the effort to capture consumers’ attraction is very important. Aggressive marketing if possible. We sincerely hope this promotion will become a great chance for our partner to be successful with YADAH.


Today, we were able to show the display of YADAH products in Watson’s. It was a enough good news when Yadah Malaysia has informed us on the entrance into Watson’s in Malaysia but it became even more great news when the size of display is shown as the pictures. The important point is the fact that YADAH brand and products has been displayed in more than 80 Watson stores which is a huge opportunity for us to expand our brand awareness across Malaysia. As more consumers become familiar with the brand, more interests could be rise up on the surface. Also they have already prepared Chirstmas package online Thank you Malaysia for the effort and hope this will produce an actual outcome.


In order to maintain and distribute more YADAH, we have enrolled in a global marketing program. As shown in the images, consumers around the world get a chance to use YADAH products and provide an honest review. Since consumers in different region has a different skin tone and seek for different kinds, it’s important to be aware of the different nature. Promotion tends to be more successful only with appropriate products and marketing


Today we will present YADAH in Tomod’s. Tomod’s is a drug chain from Japan and it is one of the largest drug store in Taiwan. YADAH has entered into 22 stores which is the result of YADAH Taiwan’s effort that we appreciate. They switch products from time to time, and since, as it has been announced, BE MY CUSHION has been broadcasted through Taiwan, they displayed the products to earn positive results. 대만1


YADAH KOREA has created a new video on ANTI T RED ZERO SPOT CREAM. Most of consumers who are not familiar with the method of caring skin, might think that skin care is needed only in summer. The fact is, our skin always require the balance of oil and water to maintain the vital and avoid skin trouble. Therefore, it’s important to remind and educate consumers on the importance of skin care. Moreover, as consumers are exposed to so many ways of gaining the information they want, they tend to believe what they actually see. Which means that the marketing should be able to prove the quality of the product clearly and capture attraction in such a short time.

Following video is available