YADAH Cambodia is showing their efforts to expand YADAH brand awareness in AEON, Tela mart and various drug stores. Their event at Tela mart has been launched which is their goal of this year. They plan to have a promotion event in various locations including Kampong Thom province and Siem Reap. We highly appreciate their efforts, taking one step forward to spread YADAH brand awareness.


Good Day Everyone! As it was announced, we are proud to introduce the specification of New Sun Screen Products



– No White Cast

– Usable On Any Skin Type

– Natural Ingredients


– Sensitive skin

– Needs soothing

– Unbalanced skin tone

1. Oh My Sun Protection Tone Up Base

– SPF 50+ / PA++++

– Tone Up

– No Irritation / Not oily

– Light

2. Oh My Sun Protection Milk (50ml, 100ml)

– SPF 50+ / PA++++

– Usable On Any Skin Type

– Daily Use

– Brightening


Lip lacquer that gives a bright color to the lips through velvet texture which provides moisture inside, softness and smoothness outside

8 FREE SYSTEM : 6 kinds of Paraben, Triethanolamine, Chlophenesin



YADAH Korea produces 3-4 viral videos per month.

This video promotes Anti-Trouble Bubble Cleanser with the theme of cleansing against fine dust.

The model in the video is concerned about the remaining of heavy metals and fine dust on her face through inappropriate method of face wash. Throughout the video, it presents the appropriate method of face wash in order to maintain moisturized and cleansed skin

Step 1: Enlarge your pores using steamed towel

Step 2: Pump appropriate amount of bubble

Step 3: Massage lightly against the skin

We will continue to create videos including unknown tips and appropriate method of use of products

Even though the video is in Korean, it’s easy to understand each steps at once

Link is as below:



sun1.JPG Hello YADAH FAMILY! We have an exciting news today. As the plan for new sun screen products, OH MY SUN PROTECTION TONE UP BASE and OH MY SUN PROTECTION MILK, were announced in the previous newsletter, OH MY SUN PROTECTION TONE UP BASE has been in stock. As shown in the image, the design of the product reflects the characteristics of the product. The characteristics are as follows:

1. All the ingredients have been approved to be “SAFE” in EWG grade

2. Immediate tone up

3. No white cast, None oily texture, provides moisture

4. Volume: 50ml

SPF: 50+ / PA ++++

A lot of contact is being expected regarding the products

We assume our partners know they don’t have to hesitate to contact for assistance with new products


YADAH Hong Kong has presented a commercial video with Allen (famous man makeup artist) for Valentine’s Day. Allen simply presents a brief scene of his daily life with YADAH products and shows in steps to use products that are presented as a package. Hong Kong has observed the trend quick and focused on men’s cosmetics market which introduced a significant impact of the brand, YADAH in the market. Research has been announcing that the needs of men’s cosmetics are growing but yet, quite small compare to women’s. However, it’s always important to take possession of the lead in a new market when possibilities are observed.

We sincerely hope this video allows men consumers’ to recognize the needs of skin care.

Thank you YADAH Hong Kong.