Hello, YADAH family. Today we are going to announce the marketing program we have proceeded for a month. We were honored and thankful to cooperate with famous beauty bloggers around the world, delivering YADAH brand awareness and the honest review of products. We have sent products: Anti Trouble Bubble Cleanser, Jelly Mask Pack, velvet Mood Lipstick. Also, as much as we are confident on the quality of products, we decided to proceed with the honesty. The reviews were successful and rewarding.


Today, we are more than glad to introduce YADAH Malaysia’s new gift package. As shown in the images, they have created their own package with our Anti T series. Some of us might think that it’s not the right season for such event but in winter, especially when our skin becomes dry, will make it easier for variety of skin trouble to be shown. Therefore, it’s a great idea to continuously appeal Anti T series. We suggest our partners to not only concentrate on the marketing the products but also consider a way to appeal to consumers through a package promotion with appropriate set of items


YADAH Cambodia had a successful event at AEON mall. As we announced last week, they held a cosmetic fair at AEON mall from Nov.13th to Nov.26th. They had YADAH experts at the site to explain the products for consumers which helped their better understanding of the products. When products introduced to a new group of consumers, it’s very important to provide education on the products. Not only to attract their interests but mostly to deliver the value of the product. Since we all are fully aware of the fact that YADAH is mainly focused on “NATURAL INGREDIENTS”, it is important for us to deliver this great aspect to the consumers. Thank you Cambodia for your effort. Congratulation on your successful fair