TAIWAN has uploaded a video promoting our LOVELY LIP TINT STICK which is a perfect product for winter. Unlike some of the countries in South- East Asia, most of us and consumers around the world will experience winter soon. LOVELY LIP TINT STICK, not only it’s a lipstick providing various coloration but also contains a moisturizing function which prevents your lips from the roughness . Moreover, it contains organic oil ingredient obtained ECOCERT certification that helps to keep moisture, removes dead skin cell to appear vivid lips.  https://www.facebook.com/Yadahcosmetic/videos/1305871222856814/



We have a great news today! As of October 6th, YADAH product launches in the best luxury department store called El Palacio de Hierro, in Mexico, through “K beauty pop up” launch event. Not only it’s the very first time in this department store to hold an event to promote K-beauty products but also achieved huge sales. Our partner who organized the event, tells us that YADAH products attracted huge interests from consumers in Mexico. Having this result, we now consider South America as one of our potential market to take one more step forward to become a global cosmetics brand. Among various products, Twin Angel BB Cream, Jelly mask pack and collagen ampoules were high sellers at the event. As we much as we are confident in the quality of our products, it is a great opportunity to present our brand in new market.ㅍ



스크린샷 2017-10-18 오후 5.20.19.pngSummer has passed and now the weather is getting close to the winter. As we all know, our skin tend to become more dry than ever in winter. It’s important to be informed on which product to promote at the right time. Therefore YADAH KOREA has uploaded an image of product that suites best during these weather.

PURE GREEN MOISTURIZATION line, as the skin becomes dry, this product line will penetrate into the skin and spread moisture which helps skin balance oil and water on the skin. Moreoever, it contains Royal Jelly extract that increases the retentivity of moisturization.


YADAH TAIWAN has found a fresh way for the promotion. The ‘Makeup Class’ will be held on November 1st with YADAH products and free gifts included. The name of the person hosting the event is Wan Wei, who is well known across the country. It is important to present the best quality of products to the consumers to earn their trust but it is also important to provide an education on the products. We are confident that once they become familiar with our products and the brand, it will be a lot easier for us and partners around the world to distribute the value of YADAH.


As it was informed, YADAH has developed new lipstick product, Velvet Mood Lipstick. To promote this product we have created a video with new model, someone who is able to express the atmosphere of the product and represent its uniqueness. We will provide a video to our partners when it’s requested. We will appreciate it if you take a moment to check out this video which can be another effective and easy way to approach to consumers with this new product. Link to the video is below.


We also have developed a paper display for Velvet Mood Lipstick. The image above is the final draft and will be available in two weeks from the date of order placement.