YADAH Japan posted Yadah Air Powder Pact on Bea’s Up magazine in April, 2016. Bea’s Up(Beads up) is a beauty magazine that Seven & I Publishing has issued monthly. It focuses on women’s beauty, fashion and life style. The magazine is very popular in Japan. YADAH Japan aims at strengthening YADAH brand and product awareness and extending promotion program. We are very excited to see their next step!

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Media Exposures for KCON 2016 JAPAN

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YADAH Korea will participate at KCON 2016 for thee days from 8th of April in Makuhari Messe which is the one of biggest convention center in Japan. KCON is an annual K-Pop convention event, which held in the  nited States and Japan. It started in 2012 and is based in Southern California but expanded to the East Coast and Japan in 2015. KCON is aming at establishing an annual flagship event that will improve the  xperiences of Korean culture, service and products. Also, this event will expand into Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates with a tentative date set for March 25 in the following year. The media shows great interests in YADAH’s active participation to various overseas exhibition and writes an article about our activity. It is anticipated by those media that Yadah’s products with unique characters and mild ingredients will become more and more popular in Japan as Yadah successfully entered the online market in Japan, 2015. We prepare thoroughly for the exhibiton to bring an optimal result.


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YADAH Japan have officailly lauched our brand and products last month in few hundreds stores, Japan. Accordingly, YADAH Japan have opened their official homepage, which was designed and finished by Yadah Japan. We are very appreciating all of their efforts to introduce our brand and products sucessfully and expecting to see their aggressive marketing activities soon.
Please visit below their lovely homepage!



On May 22th, finally YADAH had released new mask pack series. The mask pack series are made of 100% cotton for sensitive skin and the amount is surprisingly 25g which is same as normal product’s. There are 5 types; Vitalizing/Collagen/Moisturizing/Soothing/Brightening. If you put 5 types in order, you can see that our character, Yadah, shows you on how to apply it.
To celebrate product launching, YADAH has been holding a limited event for customers buying all of 5 types or 1box (12pcs) at the special price with free shipping.
Please visit our official homepage now and order now!




YADAH has been promotting various events abroad and last week YADAH CAMBODIA arranged special promotion for Mother’s Day. During the event, customers can receive free Travel Kit with purchasing YADAH Angel Lip Tint and Lip Tint Balm. In addition, YADAH THAILAND has posted correct direction of Auto Gel Liner and Pure Green Line in details on their official facebook. Please refer to this useful information and be beautiful with YADAH!