We have a great and exciting news today. The Velvet Mood Lipstick, our newly released product is now to launch in early September! This product comes in 9 original shades with remarkable density and texture: 01 Velvet Burgundy, 02 Deep Rose, 03 Chic Crimson, 04 True Red, 05 Funky Orange, 06 Ruby Scarlet, 07 Neon Magenta, 08 Rosy Brown and 09 Brick Red, a proper style given by a black and matte sleek design in a square-edged container. It delivers the smoothest matt with vivid coloration. We are confident that YADAH Velvet Mood Lipstick will help your customers find the perfect shade to suit their style. 벨벳무드2벨벳무드립스틱


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