Recently, SNS marketing activities gets more popular among YADAH’s overseas markets. And YADAH Malaysia is one the best example of using SNS as a great marketing channel. As YADAH Malaysia informs us, Instagram is the most popular platform among their customers so they regularly post product images per concept through their Instagram channel.

Moreover, Yadah Malaysia collaborated with Kittie Yiyi who founded a womenswear label based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Kittie launched her first collection at KL Fashion Week 2014. With the huge response from the crowd, she had gain more confident in the industry. Now she continues ‘wow’ the audience with her collection (SS 2016) and now, Kittie Yiyi is finally selling online and ready to sell to all over the world. She also keeps promoting Yadah products with Yadah Malaysia.

We support their aggressive marketing with famous SNS stars. We welcome you to YADAH Malaysia’s Instagram and press ‘Love’ for them.

#yadahxkittieyiyi https://instagram.com/yadahmy 

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