YADAH Hongkong posted an advertisement for Christmas promotion on East Week in December, 2016. East Week (Chinese: 東周刊, Jyutping: dung1 zau1 hon1) is a Hong Kong-based weekly Chinese language magazine which was established by Oriental Group on 29 October 1992 and sold to the Emperor Group in September 2001. It is now owned by Global China Group Holdings Limited, and published by China Touch Media Solutions & Services Limited. East Week is published every Wednesday, in three sections, Entertainment, Political, Social and Financial Issues and Discovering Food in Hong Kong. Yadah Hongkong promotes All Day Set for girls and Men’s Gift Box for men as a perfect Christmas gift. There are My Hero All in one, My Hero Foam Cleanser and Silky Fit BB Cream in the men’s gift box. My Hero All in one is quick and convenient All 3 (toner/emulsion/serum) in one solution for men and rich in natural minerals gently exfoliate to reveal softer and silkier skin while pure natural ingredient provides deep hydration and nutrients.

YADAH Hongkong aims at strengthening YADAH brand and product awareness and extending promotion program. We are very excited to see their next step!






Yadah Hongkong attended the Cosmetic & Perfumery Association of Hongkong at Kowloon Bay international exhibition centre on Dec 5. Yadah Hongkong is one of the sponsors of the association. At the event, Yadah Men’s Gift Box was sponsered by Yadah Hongkong. In the mean time, Yadah Hongkong plans to hold various promotion continuously.

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