In October, Yadah lauched a new product for eye make-up line which is called ‘Quick Tattoo Brow Gel’. It is convenient peel-off type of
Tattoo Eyebrow Gel which is simply applied and peeled off after drying. It has 3 colors that natural brown, deep brown and ash brown.
It could be used as two types according to your preference as follows;
– For lasting 1~2days: A person who wants slight coloring needs to peel it off 30 minutes ~ 1 hour after application.
– For lasting 3~7days: A person who wants strong coloring needs to apply it before going to bed and peel if off in the morning of the next day.
This Tattoo brow gel not only draw your eyebrows but also make them more healthy with efficient ingredient such as Black soybean extract
helps eyebrows to be healthy by securing eyebrow strongly and preventing it from being weakened. Yadah customers can take both
self-tattoo and healthiness of eyebrow at once.
Hotly-anticipated Quick Tattoo Brow Gel has been receiving enthusiastic responses from customers even before the launch. We are
highly expecting sales increase through release the new products. If you have any marketing activities such as collaboration, please let
us know. We will support the promotion as best we can.

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