%ec%8a%a4%ed%81%ac%eb%a6%b0%ec%83%b7-2016-09-26-%ec%98%a4%ed%9b%84-6-30-11Opening a store at Lotte Youngplaza in Myeongdong and La Cosmetique in Busan, Yadah Korea have been getting great response from customers. In doing so, Lotte department offered us another chances to open additional stores and last Friday as of August 26th, Yadah Korea officially opened a store in Lotte department store in Ilsan, Korea. Ilsan New Town refers to a planned city and is located northwest of Seoul. The area has experienced phenomenal growth in the past 15 years, generally drawing in younger generations of upper middle-class and upper-class Koreans. On its first day of launching, great number of customers paid visits to the new store to see our products and receive free gifts for launching. We prepared three big events to celebrate grand opening of our 3rd store in Lotte department store. We expect to introduce our brand and products to more customers including foreign visitors.

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