스크린샷 2016-08-25 오후 5.21.21

In 2016, Yadah Korea started active marketing promotion with B5M. B5M is one of the fastest growing cross-border e-commerce platforms for Chinese consumers and merchants. B5M has number of offices in Shanghai, Seoul, and Tokyo with a strong local management team in each country and offers the most comprehensive Korean and Japanese products through its own B2C platform “Banghaibei” and B2B platform “Bang5cai”. B5M’s first brand shop is officially launched on May 22nd, 2016 in Sinan Mansions, Shanghai. B5M’s Korean and Japanese culture shops and coffee house, in collaboration with TOM N TOMS provides B5M’s customers a pleasant leisure experience with drinks, foods, and trendy overseas products. Yadah entered in Sinan Mansions and the second brand shop in Donghua University, Shanghai as well. Customers can see Yadah products on display and buy the goods using QR code. We plan to hold various promotion continuously with B5M and are confident that many customers in Shanghai will get more chance to know Yadah through these locations.

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