On August 6th, YADAH Hongkong launched ‘Make-up Class’ by a makeup artist,“Yoko Liu” in Prince Edward Branch of Angel Cosmetics, Hongkong. Angel Cosmetics is one of the leading cosmetic retail shops and established its first store in 1979. It carries a thousand of brands worldwide at an affordable price. Their product lines include skincare, make-up, hair products, beauty accessories and men’s cares. Over 50 participants including the fans of Yadah paid a visit to the class and, Alan, a famous Hongkong singer and a model for Yadah Hongkong visited and helped promot Yadah products. Welcoming remarks, the artist performed a demonstration on Alan’s face by showing make-up with Yadah products. The attendees were very satisfied  with this event and some winners were given Yadah products as a gift. In the mean time, Yadah Hongkong plans to hold various promotion continuously. We greatly appreciate their effort and confident that many customers in Hongkong will become aware of Yadah through this event.


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