Instagram reviews for Oh My Sunblock


As the spring has broken up, more and more people leave their homes to enjoy the outdoors. As a consquence, the sales of Oh My Sunblock are booming and we are running ‘Buy 50ml get 20ml free’ event. It is also hot on Instragram in Korea. As you can see the photes, lots of customers using Oh My Sunblock and post reviews & pictures about the products on their Instagram. Oh My Sunblock is rich in OpuntiaFicus-IndicaExtract, which a light and intensive moisturizing UVA/UVB sun protector that helps soften your skin with a pleasant matt finish. Protect yourself from the sun and maintain young look with Yadah Oh My Sunblock.

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From 1st to 3rd of April, Yadah Cambodia opened a promotion booth at Koh Pich which is one of the biggest and well-known exhibition halls in Cambodia. According to customer’s enthusiastic response at the last event by Yadah Cambodia at Aeon mall, Yadah cambodia launched this promotion event in Koh Pich again. Yamaha Cambodia plans multiple promotions to attract customers at all ages and sex. Yadah appreciate their effort for the event and look forward to seeing many customer’s feedback.

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Recently, we are in the process of renewing previous products including Highlash mascara and gift boxes. And the next one to renew is our best selling product ‘Anti T Mini Kit’. The new items will be launched in this week with upgraded container, design and yet identical quality. Yadah holds another plans for renewing other products as well. Please expect to see Yadah products that will be renewed in the near future.

YADAH in Lotte ‘La Cosmetique’, Hongdae


On March 25, ‘el CUBE’, a young fashion speciality store by Lotte department store, opened in Hong-dae, one of Korea’s cultural meccas. Yamaha Korea officially opened a store on the first floor of Lotte ‘La cosmetique’ in el CUBE. La cosmetique is one of premium cosmetic multi-shops by Lotte department store. As part of sales promotion, Yadah prepared an event,’Pick Me Up’. At the event place, customers have a chance to pick YADAH products up in the machine to pick up the dolls. We expect to get more brand awareness and product exposure with the customers including foreign visitors through this channel.
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Sharing YADAH POP from offline stores in Korea

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YADAH Korea is launching retail stores in various spots and holding events to promote the awareness of Yadah brand. By entering retail stores, we prepared these POPs to attract more customers. We paln to share these POP with overseas Yadah retail stores. Please refer to above files with actual pictures. And please contact us if you need the files for your marketing activities.

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