As we informed in the last week’s news letter, YADAH Korea participated in KCON 2016 for thee days from 8th to 10th of April in Makuhari Messe which is one of the biggest convention center in Japan. KCON is an annual K-Pop convention events and aims at establishing an annual flagship event that will introduce Korean culture, service and products. There was a concert performance where many famous Korean singers performed at the stage and their fan service was excellent. And at the exhibition, various people visited our booth and experienced our products on the spot. Especially, most visitors interested in Yadah character and loved to buy Yadah products. Meanwhile, Yadah All day cushion and tint were sold out after tests by customers who are unfamiliar with Yadah at the sales promotion event. We therefore expect that Yadah’s products with unique characters and mild ingredients will establish its brand in Japan as Yadah successfully entered the online market in Japan, 2015.

P20160409_110208143_55AA211F-DD18-4726-97D7-6CE833AD1EFF P20160410_100907148_448091F1-34FC-4F14-A8E4-8CE9CC1E0E8B P20160410_161408389_38030EB7-892A-45BE-A3C0-9974572049EA P20160410_163059016_2C038B25-1719-4F25-8C04-CC34D4CF7951


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