YADAH with LOVE FLEA MARKET in Hyundai premium outlet, Kimpo.

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On Halloween day(10/31), YADAH Korea participated in LOVE FLEA MARKET at Hyundai premium outlet, Kimpo. The flea market was hosted by Byeon jeongsu, a famous actress in Korea and people in various fields joined in the market. An abundant variety of attractions were prepared and the market held an auction of celebrities’ personal belongings. The half of the profit from the event will be donated to the international child care agency ‘SOS children’s villages’. YADAH also gladly contributed the half of the gains from the market to the agency. We are very delighted to take part in the meaningful event like this.

YADAH in Busan Lotte ‘La cosmetique’

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Since YADAH Korea officially opened a store in Lotte ‘La cosmetique’ in Busan, we have been getting good responses from customers. In this reason, we held a big open event to express our gratitude. The event is called ‘Pick Me Up’.  At the event place, customers had a chance to pick YADAH products up in the machine to pick up the dolls. As you can see the photos, many people than expected wait in line for the event and participated in. We are delighted to see it completed successfully and have plans to promote this kind of event continuously.


SPOP華流-201510 SPOP MG 201510YADAH Taiwan had posted Twin angel BB cream and Air powder pact on S POP magazine in Oct, 2015 and next month the products will be issued as well. S POP magazine is published by San Li TV which is focusing on drama & idol and very popular in marketing.
To strengthen YADAH brand & product awareness and enlarge promotion program, YADAH Taiwan has been cooperating with San Li TV.
YADAH Taiwan also will introduce Twin Angel BB cream and Air Powder Pact on San Li’s new TV shopping program “Sister Master”. YADAH will begin shooting on 11/3 and be exposed on “Sister Master” in the middle of Nov.
We are very excited to see the show in Nov!