Recently, SNS marketing activities are getting popular among YADAH’s overseas markets and YADAH Malaysia is a typical example of using SNS as a great marketing tool. As YADAH Malaysia informed us, Instagram is the most popular platform among their customers so they regularly post product images per concept through their Instagram. Moreover, recently they hired a famous photographers to create visuals only for Instagram account and that is why the quality of images is the best. One of their aims is to build YADAH Malaysia’s Instagram account to reach 50k followers in the next 6 months.
We are supporting their aggressive marketing with SNS, please visit YADAH Malaysia’s Instagram and press ‘Love’ for them.

10809638_973479236031265_768761786_n 12142687_913310798758814_1541464028_n 12141998_1661901657427679_563069489_n 12120272_1500891976904098_523277653_n 12107429_567420320077111_1843833772_n 12093774_160053491010309_736774856_n 11881917_973923325964181_1351004155_n 11821756_1023449874342658_731838523_n 11348132_1009698905741527_1853520878_n 11326622_672537832882456_1729675418_n 11246400_795362000572731_1813936818_n

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