Directions for YADAH Capsule tok soothing gel


For this hot summer, YADAH have posted ‘How to use the Capsule Tok Soothing Gel 200%’ on YADAH’s official website. Capsule Tok Soothing Gel is the must-have item for summer having Aloe Vera Capsules and Vitamin Capsules which help to moisturize, whiten and calm the skin after exposure to the sun.
1. Capsule Tok Soothing Hair Treatment
– Mix the Soothing Gel into Hair essence or oil and apply to the end of hair for smooth hair!
2. Cooling Moisturizing Pack
– Dip the makeup cotton into the Soothing Gel and place it in the fridge.
– After outdoor activity apply it to the face!
3. Ampule Capsule Sleeping Pack
– Apply Soothing Gel with 1~2 drops of Brightening or Collagen Ampoule before sleep and wake up with moisturized and whitened skin!
4. Mask Pack Soothing Booster
– Apply Soothing Gel before using YADAH Mask Pack for the cinergy effect!
5. Capsule Tok Natural Sugar Scrub
– Mix the Soothing Gel and Brown Sugar and smoothly rub it against the rough skin (Elbow & Heel) and wash it for baby like skin!


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